SRES® Outstanding Service Award

Once a year, an outstanding SRES® designee will be selected by an independent panel to be awarded the SRES® Outstanding Service Award.

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A distinguished service award for a unique designation like SRES® is an award that not only has social relevance, but also brand awareness relevance. The SRES® Outstanding Service Award would provide REALTORS® with the SRES® designation:

  • The opportunity to showcase their own community involvements and accomplishments
  • The opportunity for SRES® to continue to go beyond the traditional member self marketing and promotion and further embrace a core social conscience
  • The opportunity for the REALTOR® community to educate consumers on the value of using a REALTOR® through positive press

Award recipients must meet the following criteria:

  • Show extraordinary performance in their respective senior communities
  • Be outstanding leaders in the real estate community serving seniors and demonstrate a driving force for change and efforts to better serve seniors
  • Make a visible difference to either a specific group of seniors or show how real estate needs are met in their local community or nationally
  • Demonstrate that they are the source of knowledge and experience in working with the senior market in their community
  • Show high principles and furtherance of the principles of good practice among REALTORS® and the senior consumer population

Candidates for the SRES® Outstanding Service Award are first nominated by SRES® members (self-nominations welcome) and then selected by an independent panel of real estate industry leaders once a year. Please click on an individual's name to view their extraordinary accomplishments.

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