Are you prepared for the future of real estate? Earn NAR's SRES® Designation.

Seniors Real Estate Specialists® or SRES® designees are REALTORS® qualified to address the needs of home buyers and sellers age 50+.

By earning the SRES® Designation, you have demonstrated the necessary knowledge and expertise to counsel clients age 50+ through major financial and lifestyle transitions in relocating, refinancing, or selling the family home.

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SRES® Council News

2/18/2016 February Webinar Now Archived!

Join presenter Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph. D, internationally known speaker, writer, and consultant, on a tour through the Universal Design Living Laboratory. As the general contractors, owners, and inhabitants of the Universal Design Living Laboratory, Rosemarie and her husband Mark Leder are experts on universal design, and Rosemarie will give plenty of tips and advice on how to incorporate universal design into homes to make life easier!

1/15/2016 January Webinar Now Archived!

Join presenter Bruce Nemovitz as he runs through the necessities you'll need in order to put on a great seminar. This is sure to get you instant listings and referrals! Be sure to check out the materials Bruce has also included to help get your business started.

1/13/2016 Jan/Feb Issue of The Professional Now Archived!

1/13/2016 December Webinar Now Archived!

Join presenter, Bruce Nemovitz as he discusses great tips and tricks on best serving senior clients for the upcoming 2016 year. Be sure to check out the additional gifts that Bruce has included from his collection of marketing materials.

1/13/2016 January Consumer Newsletter Now Posted!

1/15/2015 Having trouble uploading a profile picture to your SRES® NING Community Profile?

1.)    Make sure the picture is a GIF, JPG, or PNG file no bigger than 10MB. Also - please ensure you are not in internet explorer. Please use Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

2.)    If it still won’t upload, it is because the pixels are too high.  If you right click your picture and select Properties, anything over 300 pixels for width is too high.  You can put the photo in Paint and reduce the pixels to around 300 horizontal and it will automatically adjust the vertical pixels.  Resave the picture and then upload the smaller file.

3.)    If you are still experiencing issues, feel free to e-mail your picture as well as your password for the NING website to and we can try uploading it for you.